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Solar water heater CALPAK

Maximum performance even in winter
You want Vacuum especially if:

  •    you live in an area with cold winter and moderate annual sunshine
  •   you want too high temperature in hot water

  •   you are fascinated by the unique design and the new technology

Product characteristics

Absorber technology: copper U-pipe type hydroscellate (HALCOR φ8 copper tubes) with copper fin ultrasonic welding, with selective vacuum tubes and CPC parabolic reflector (ALANOD)
Glass quality: borosilicate tempered glass vacuum tubes
Collector frame: black aluminium frame with PU insulation
Tank quality: 2,5 mm DKP steel, BASF water-blown insulation, aluminum cover
Anti-rust protection: WENDEL direct type enamelling according to DIN 4753/3
Alternators: type Jacket of 1.5 mm DKP steel
Connection set: Flexib F21 stainless steel tube with isopipe insulation
Included accessories: stop-check valve 10 bar heavy duty type of PRANDELLI, safety valve, closed-circuit 2,5 bar, anti-corrosion and antifreeze Calpak Nox (propylene glycol) of the DOW
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Solar water heater CALPAK overlay - Solar water heater CALPAK
Maximum performance even in winter
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