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DAIKIN Floor standing unit

Floor unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to dual airflow

Product characteristics

  • Selecting an R-32 product reduces environmental effects by 68% compared to R-410A and achieves lower power consumption thanks to high energy efficiency
  •  Perfect unit for installation under a window due to its small height (620 mm)
  •  Online controller (optional): control your internal drive from any location with an application, via your local network or the internet, and monitor your power consumption
  • The external units are equipped with a spiral compressor distinguished for its low noise level and high energy efficiency.
  • Quiet operation: sound pressure level up to 23 dBA   
  • External units with pair connection capability
  • Daikin's exterior units are elegant, robust and can be easily placed on the roof, terrace or exterior wall.
  • Fin heat exchanger External with corrosion protection


benefit DD2EA02A
Automatic cooling/heating switch
Automatically selects a heating or cooling program to achieve the temperature you have selected
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Silent operation of internal unit
The "silent" button on the remote control reduces the internal unit's operating sound level by 3db (a)
benefit 3A0DC29A
Ability to connect multiple units
Up to 5 internal units can be connected to an external unit even if they have different performance. All internal units can operate independently in the same operation, cooling or heating program
benefit 719D846C
Online controller through application
Control your internal drive from any location via application
benefit 6908918C
Simplifies the maintenance process by indicating system errors or malfunctions

benefit 31FA61A9
Silent operation of external unit
Press the "quiet mode" (silent) on the remote control lowers the operation sound of the outdoor unit by 3dB(A) ensuring low noise levels so as not to be harassed residents
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Techincal Information


Btu Capacity 9000 12000 18000
Cooling Capacity L/M/H (kw) 1.30/2.50/3.00 1.40/3.50/3.08 1.4/5.0/5.6
Heating Capacity L/M/H (kw) 1.30/3.4/4.5 1.4/4.5/5.0 1.4/5.8/8.1
Cooling Energy Class A++ A++ A++
SEER 7.20 6.43 5.89
Annual cooling energy consumption (kw) 120 190 297
SCOP 4.56/5.81 4.0/5.44 4.0/4.96
Heating energy class A+/A+++ A+/A+++ A+/A++
Dimensions Indoor unit HxWxD (mm) 286x770x225 286x770x225 295x990x263
Net Weight Indoor Unit (kg) 14 14 14
Sound Power Level Indoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 52 52 57
Sound Power level indoor Unit Heating (dBA) 52 52 60
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 38/32/26/23 39/33/27/24 44/40/36/32
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 38/32/26/23 39/33/27/24 44/40/36/32


Model RXM25N9 RXM35N9 RXM50N9
Sound Power Level Outdoor Unit Cooling (dBA) 59 61 62
Sound Power level Outdoor Unit Heating (dBA) 59 61 62
Sound Pressure Level Cooling H/M/L (dBA) 46 49 48
Sound Pressure Level Heaiting H/M/L (dBA) 47 49 49
Operation range Cooling L/M (oCBD) 10~46 10~46 10~46
Operation range  Heating L/M (oCBD) -15~18 -15~18 -15~18
Refrigerant R-32 R-32 R-32
Dimensions Outdoor unit HxWxD (mm) 550x765x285 550x765x285 734x870x373
Net Weight Outdoor Unit (kg) 34 34 50


Inverter Yes
Yes Yes
WiFi Yes(optional) Yes(optional) Yes(optional)
Dehumidification Yes Yes Yes
Color White White White
Warranty 3 years
3 years 3 years
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DAIKIN Floor standing unit overlay - DAIKIN Floor standing unit

Floor unit for optimal heating comfort thanks to dual airflow

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