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Service and cleaning

At regular intervals (usually once per year) service of the air conditioner is required of our highly skilled professional technicians, who will deal with existing damage or prevent their appearance.

Some common signs that indicate the need for non-scheduled maintenance, is the decline in the performance of the air conditioner compared to earlier, if during the activation of smell some stench in the air, and finally, if there are signs of water leakage in indoor unit. In addition to regular maintenance by qualified personnel, it is recommended that the filters and fins of the internal unit be cleaned frequently from dust, which gradually affects the efficiency of the air conditioner.

If cleaning and maintenance are applied regularly and meticulously, then we achieve the improvement of the efficiency of our air conditioner and the extension of the life of the device, while ensuring significant reductions in electricity consumption.

What a proper air conditioner service includes?

  • chemical cleaning of internal and external unit
  • compressor correct operation control
  • refrigerant check and filling when required
  • deodorize indoor fan
  • sewage control
                                           Service and cleaning
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